Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Currencies Post.: INRUSD and EURUSD

Well INR got its new symbol and is ready to rock.
Longer Term chart of INRUSD

INRUSD has entered Primary degree wave 3 up with a target of approximate ~65 to USD. This is a very aggresive target so I have broken down the targets to Intermediate and Minor.

I am considering INRUSD to reach first 48.82 (cmp 46.82), with a Stop Loss of 45.70.

INRUSD Wave Count:

 HnS and Cup and handle

Refer chart for comments:

A larger Inverted HnS and Flag possible:

Some time around in May I had done a post on EURUSD titled "EURUSD Monthly HnS", showing a larger Monthly HnS. Well, time has passed and seems EURUSD is done with Neckline Testing and is headed south.

This is updated chart of EURUSD. Refer chart for comments.

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