Friday, May 7, 2010

Mega Chart Post: Part 1

This is astounding, i mean, the  number of stocks that are screwed is increasing by each click here. The following are charts, that i feel are in structure, and wher they are yet to break the levels, the same are given with targets.

1. 3I - Infotech:

Second structure, somewhat a Flaggish, in fact below Rs. 70 is major bearish for stock. The stock is now at 72.40, with target of Rs. 55.

The current price of Aban is 1098. The immediate target is 980. In fact, below 1058, will be major bearish the break of line A, shall be really bad for the stock. I would expect Rs. 400 down from Rs. 1058, making target of ABAN to 550 odd levels.

ABB: the engineering behemoth. I had once posted a chart, having a target of Rs. 600, the price then was 828, and had a SL of 850, but stock moved to Rs. 870, triggering out of stock. But, now, i see the stock, feel like a fool., This was double triangle, it stil had a tgt of Rs. 600. The current price of ABB is 696. This is late. Posting the chart though. The look at the triangle at the Apex of ABB. Similar is appearing in Canara Bank, i guess the results will not be different.

ABB Chart:

Canara Bank:

The above triangle is similar to the one on ABB. I see the stock moving down sharply, In fact primary target  on Canbk would be 360 odd levels, the current price is Rs. 439.

ABG Shipyard:
Below, 246, flag break down and break of b-d trendline. The stock has made a wolfe wave sort of structure. The stock has target based on the a-d line. The price cannot be put in. In fact, breaking 246, would give a flag breakdown with the target of 186. The current price of stock is 254.

Wow. this stock is showing text book rising wedge. Breaking the blue line, will make make the stock understand the rules of gravity.

Aurobindo Pharma:
The break of the line a shall be mega bearish. Sort of rising triangle with apex. If the stock goes above 960, 1020 levels are possible, but break of the above line a can take stock to first Rs. 800 and we can further assess the expected damage. Wait for Line A to break. 

In fact , break of Rs.  900 will push stock to head and shoulder pattern marked in blue box with a target of Rs. 811. and this shall result in break of rising wedge sort of structure.
looks like a wedge.. Look at following chart:

These studies are based on technical analysis and the author nor the webpage shall be responsible for the profits or losses. The author may or may not have personal holding. We are all students

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