Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nifty and Sensex Wave Count

Sensex and Nifty chart:

This is an entire Sensex count i feel.

I was earlier inclined to think that the rise from 2009 lows till now and the fall from 2008 was a flat ABC structure of wave IV of some degree. However, the longer term sensex chart makes me want to think that things are different. Currently, I think we are in the process of ending Wave V in India.

Based on the charts attached, I think there are two possibilities:
1. We have completed wave V of larger CYCLE / SUPERCYCLE degree (I am bad at assigning cycle degrees); that would be a truncated 5th wave from the bottom in 2009.
2. Other option is, if Friday's and the crucial lows of 5100-5200 zone hold, we might see an upside; which I believe shall be a blow-up top given decaying fundamentals, worse economic situation and backed by phony money called 'QE 3'.

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