Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nifty Elliott Wave Count dated 3 Mar 2010

Posting Nifty Wave Count..

For now, i am still bearish, last few days busy in office, so not updated blog and missed the wave c rally of wave 2, which is what i am currently having in place. Anyways, I think markets had completed Wave 1 down at 4667, and the rally from there has been Wave 2 subdivided in a-b-c. Currently, the rally has retrace 61.8% and a = c. However, there was an inverted HnS, which has target of 5200, which retraces 80% of wave 1, which is quiet possible as wave 2 can retrace 99% of wave 1.

Assuming today's price action was end of wave 2, then we can see wave 3 at level of 4486 where wave 3 = wave 1 and 4100 where wave 3 is 1.618 times of wave 1.

If, nifty retraces to 5200, then wave 3 at level of 4574 where wave 3= wave 1 and 4186 where wave 3 is 1.618 time of wave 1.

If 5300 is taken out, then count changes. Lets see that when market crosses that level.

Nifty Chart:

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